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Field of Screams 5.0 Yahoo Keeper $50 League Safe. 12 Team H2H 7x7. Draft 9 or 10pm EDT Tonight!!!!!!!!!

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Field of Screams 5.0 (2019) Yahoo Keeper League!
Welcome to version 5.0 of Field of Screams (Year 5). This was a Re-Draft League last year. This year we are going back to our roots. It will be keeper league from 2019-2022. We enter 2019 with the hope of this league continuing to prosper as it has over the past 5 years!!!!! We need to know if you are back! ASAP!!!!! We have begun the search to start replacing teams This years Draft is set for: Sun Mar 24 9:00pm EDT!!!!! Hope you stay but if not. Good Luck to you and be well. Please let us know if you are staying ASAP! Sunday after 12PM EDT we will start a full GM replacement process for those not coming back. All Buy-In Info is listed below. Nothing changes we stay at $50.00 on League Safe. But you need to pay NOW! First pay first in. Welcome to Field of Screams 5.0!!!!!

(2019) Divisions and Draft Order:
Both will be randomized using www.random.org as we have done in previous years. This will be done once all 12 Teams have paid!!! 

(2019) Buy-In Info:
This year again ALL Buy-In's will be handled through League Safe & use Majority Approval to distribute 
the funds of the 3 victors at the end of the season. The Buy-In for 2019 is $50.00. We want everyone to feel that we 
are running this league correctly and truly fair. 

(2019) Prize Pool: ($600)
1st: $400
2nd: $150
3rd: $50

(2019) Scoring Changes: 7x7 for 2019
--Batting: R, HR, RBI, SB, TB, AVG, OBP = 7
-Why fix something that's not broken. This will remain the norm heading into 2020.

--Pitching: W, SV, K, ERA, WHIP, K/BB, QS = 7
-Pitching has been a work in-progress every year since we started running leagues in 2015. This year 
there will be one important change! K/9 is OUT & K/BB is IN. In 2020 we hope Yahoo will let us use
advanced analytics. SIERA, xFIP, BABIP..... But for now we feel confident in this move going 
into the 2019 campaign. We keep trying to improve every year. In 2020 we will continue the work. 

(Keeper Rules 2019/2020)
[[[2019: This is a "League Reset Year" Next will be 2022. Phase 2 (2019-2021) No Keepers will be held this season. The slate is clean for everyone. Build a dynasty! Good Luck All!]]] 

---This league is a (Keeper League) as has been stated from the onset of this league. Each team will keep (3) players MAX (drafted or picked up on free agent list this season heading into 2020). 

--The keeper format will be done in a tier format. Each team can keep (1) player from each tier. 
The Tiers are as follows: [Tier 1st Rd (1-5) Tier 2nd Rd (6-10) Tier 3rd Rd (11-15) Tier 4th Rd (16-20) Tier 5th Rd (21-25)]

--Any Undrafted Free Agent (UFA) that is picked up by a team will count as a 3rd Tier 11th Rd. Draft Pick in 2020. 
One UFA is the MAX anyone is allowed to keep.

---(Example of Keeper:) Team A drafted Mike Trout with their 1st Rd pick last season. 
Team A can keep Mike Trout, but they are ineligible from keeping any players they drafted in Rd (2nd-5th). 
Also, Team A will not have a 1st Rd Pick in this years draft but will have picks in Rds (2nd-5th). Please draft accordingly. Also another example. If the player was picked in 4th Round last season. He will count as a 4th Rd Pick this season and you will have picks in Rds 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 5th, and vice versa for all other tiers.

-Also should you choose to retain less then 3 keepers. You will receive the Draft Picks back.

(2019) Spring Training (Final Thoughts):
We are both amazed this league has made it to year five. Thank You All! We know this will be a flux year with GM's. 
We thank all of you, even if you leave. Thanks for helping the league prosper. For those of you who stay. 
Welcome to 5.0. Good Luck to all and great wishes. Thanks Everyone, my pitch clock has run out. If you have 
questions, please ask.

By all means reply, if you are interested!!!

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