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Christian Walker 2019 Outlook

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All of whom apparently suck now

Actually K% stabilizes the quickest for hitters at around 60–80PA so it has meaning.

Or Matt Davidson. I love/hate the first month of the baseball season. 

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Walker raked in Spring, had a big day yesterday and Backs manager reiterates that Lamb is the guy, there is no  platoon. In baseball it's really hard to lose a job when you've done something good in the past. Lamb is just a couple years from a 30 homer season, Walker could be a useful fill in the game or two a week he gets in. 

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He's definitely got power, but his minor league numbers are definitely inflated by the PCL. In 2+ seasons in AAA for Baltimore, he hit .260 with 42 HR and 157 RBI in 1,204 ABs (ages 24-25). In two season in AAA for Arizona, those numbers jumped to .305 with 50 HR and 185 RBI in 838 ABs. I do like that his career MiLB avg is .285. 


He's hit a lot of HR in his few MLB ABs, so he's a interesting guy that I want to keep an eye on, especially with my distrust of Lamb. 

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What I liked were his splits and consistency in the minors. He had literally identical R/L splits one year I looked at, 2017 I think. And his month by month were similar as well, no streakiness. I think he’s a hidden gem, just needs the opportunity. 

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6 hours ago, MissingLink said:

This guy needs to play regularly. Against rightys move Lamb back to 3rd move Escobar to 2nd and Flores to the bench. Against lefty's bench Lamb and put Flores at 2nd. Just do it. 


they could do this, but the manager talked about it before last night's game and sounded like he didn't want to do it any time soon




LOS ANGELES – Slugger Christian Walker’s loud performance on Opening Day – he homered and doubled, one of the Diamondbacks’ few bright spots in a blowout loss – raises a question of whether the club might try to find ways to get both he and fellow first baseman Jake Lamb in the lineup together, with the most obvious route seemingly being to occasionally slide Lamb back to his natural position at third base.

Manager Torey Lovullo said the Diamondbacks have considered this, but he said he doesn’t expect it to happen in the near term. For one, Lamb didn’t play third base at all during spring training, plus Lovullo said he wants Lamb to get comfortable at first base.

“I think the more at-bats he gets, the more comfortable he gets at first base, the better off we’re all going to be,” Lovullo said.



i do think walker is very interesting, and he's in a good spot where an injury to almost any field player on the team could instantly get him full-time ABs. the souza injury already cut into their depth, to where now they already have full-time spots for both adam jones and marte plus what appears to be a jarrod dyson / wilmer flores platoon. any OF going down could force them to shift marte out there full-time and do the lamb-escobar rotation, and the infield is even easier. even ahmed, escobar can play short. 


but it doesn't really sound like they're going to do it voluntarily, i.e. without an injury forcing their hand. at least not soon. and if they really wanted to be stubborn they could absorb one more loss by just making both dyson and wilmer full-timers. 


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more thoughts
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13 hours ago, Hockey_Baseball said:

pssst, the D-Backs face 5 lefties this week 👀

...though they include Strahm, Price and Sale

All of whom apparently suck now

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from today's arizona papers



Jake Lamb took ground balls at third base during batting practice on Monday, the first time he’s worked at his old position since last year.

With Vargas off the roster, Lamb is now the primary backup to starting third baseman Eduardo Escobar. But, perhaps of more importance, getting Lamb re-acclimated to third would give Lovullo a path toward getting both Lamb and Christian Walker in the lineup at the same time.


Lamb said he wasn’t sure how long it would take him to get comfortable again at third, but he didn’t seem to think it would be too big of a deal.

“I just got to get back over there, take some ground balls, make some throws,” he said. “I’ve done it for a long time. It shouldn’t be too bad.”

Lamb has been one of Walker’s biggest supporters in the clubhouse this year, and he’s all for doing whatever is necessary to get Walker more at-bats.

“Look how he’s swinging the bat,” Lamb said. “You’ve got to get that guy’s bat in the lineup somehow. You’ve got to do what you’ve got to do, whether that’s moving guys around or what. But he’s helping this team win right now.”


ron paul it's happening gif here


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10 hours ago, Kaii23 said:

The answer is simple. Bench Lamb until Walker cools off. He showed who he was last year. He sucks. 

This is where I'd be at, but there are a few ways to go...he's definitely forcing the issue and is interesting.

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