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Auction league huge price changes 2019

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Yahoo $200 auction


Which players do you think will have the largest price increases and decreases?


assuming a 12 team league


obviously injured players like wall will be worthless but what about someone like doncic ?  Drummond?


any all star players who will go for even more money?  

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Not considering rookies...

Probably Going Up a lot: 

Vuc, P George, Gallo, BLopez, Heild, Siakam, Favors, Harrell, Brogdon, Fox, Covington, Russell, Warren?? (and Nurk certainly would have :( )

Probably Going Down a bunch: 

Simmons, Westbrook, CP3, Draymond, Lebron, Mitchell, Middleton

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Going Up ( a lot ) : Paul George / Beal / Vucevic / D' Angelo Russell / Siakam / Markkanen / Cousins / Hield / Brook Lopez / Mitchell Robinson ( i predict much hype around him )

Going Up ( a little ) : Doncic / Gallinari / Tobias Harris / Brogdon / Harrell / Lamb / Thad Young / Jerami Grant / Favors / Satoransky

Going Down ( a lot ) : Chris Paul / Whiteside / Gary Harris / Oladipo / Donovan Mitchell / Hayward / Draymond Green / Marc Gasol / Dragic  / Wall

Going Down ( a little ) : LeBron James / Westbrook / Ben Simmons / Lowry / Middleton / DeAndre Jordan / Teague / Aaron Gordon / Jarrett Allen / Jamal Murray

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