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Drop for Astudillo


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Alfaro is my only catcher and I want to add Astudillo as a second. 

My ream:

Alfaro, Gallo, Altuve , E Suarez, Tatis Jr, Soto, Robles, E Jimenez,, D Santana, Meadows, Y Gurriel, Wong, Dejong

Hicks, Peacock, Buehler, Flaherty, Paddock, Hader, Yates Eovaldi

Who is the drop? 

we are a 14 ream standard scoring league. 


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Im not a fantasy expert but maybe drop evolidi right now while everyone is low on boston pitching. And maybe that will give you a chance that someone wont snatch him up right away and you can keep your eye on him and if he starts picking it up or moves back to bullpen and becomes closer you can pick him back up and drop someone else. Hope this helps. Maybe someone else will give you a better answer.


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47 minutes ago, TheTruth024 said:

I would drop Wong for Astudillo.  Wong always gets hot for a couple of weeks, then sucks the rest of the season.  You have Altuve and Gurriel, so he would almost never play ahead of those 2 anyway.

That is so true about wong. As a cards fan im hoping it will continue but never very optimistic

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