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Ya ever notice the leagues that need replacement owners are.....

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C'mon Junkyard2006, that's not cool. 

I'm not scum.

It's Easter Sunday and Passover. 

Can we be nice to fellow fantasy baseball fanatics despite differing views as to which format or amount you play for is better?


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I totally agree that free leagues are pointless and not much fun, but needing replacement owners has NOTHING to do with money.  ALL dynasty/keeper leagues at some point will need to replace orphaned teams. Lower stakes dynasty/keeper leagues actually have fewer orphans because it's not as much of an investment. For higher stakes dynasty/keeper leagues, I find that it's best to join an established organization that has multiple leagues and lots of members (dynastysportsempire.com is an example). They have rules in place to discourage orphans and plenty of member to find replacements without having to place ads on these finder service forums.

Obviously redraft leagues don't need replacements, so it doesn't matter whether it's $10 or $1000. Higher stakes leagues tend to attract more knowledgeable and competitive people. It has nothing to do with needing replacements.

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