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very deep 13 team money roto league (6x6) - k/9

team in sig FWIW


would you roster him, and if so, who would be the drop?


thornton?....nice start to the season

turnbull?....same as above

brebbia?....rostered as a middleman for his k's and ratios

ian kennedy?....save hungry league, and he may have the gig the way the others are pitching currently in that pen

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1 hour ago, DFWSooner said:

on second thought I might choose Brebbia as well,  assuming you can always find middle relief pitchers who'll give you similar numbers? Or is your league so deep that those are scarce as well?


13 team - 29 man roster..ultra thin wire

k/9 middle men guys are rostered like crazy for that and ratios

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I'd drop Brebbia or Kennedy for him. A solid SP will be more valuable over the season than a MR, even a good one, or a RP like Kennedy. There will always be good MR who emerge and aren't rostered today. The MR thread on the main forum is a great place for hearing about some of these people. Kennedy has potential if he emerges as the closer but it may continue to be a committee, he may fall out the saves picture altogether, and he hasn't been good in a while. There will always be closers, both in committees and not, who will emerge over the course of a season. It sounds like you need saves so in that case I would drop Brebbia and see how Kennedy does over the coming weeks.

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