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Trade Bryce for Rizzo, Thor and Yates


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50 minutes ago, Cesare13 said:

Conventional wisdom is to not trade the best player in the deal, but that’s insane value.  Especially in a league with a CI.


I think I agree as well. I hate giving the best player but you are getting a ton back. 

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2 hours ago, srf1957 said:

No .  You are just  going to drop Margot .  You will have Rizzo , Votto ,  Arrendo   and Vlad for 2 spots . Yates and Thor are upgrades to what you have 

yes the Clog at 1st and CI would be a problem. Also have Franco.

I'm thinking I'd almost rather trade Arenado for these 3 (don't care about Margot), and then still have Rizzo, Votto, Vlad, Franco for 1st/3rd options

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I like the deal.  It fills all your needs.  Rizzo slides into first.  You can do anything you want with Votto but you don't want him starting in your lineup.  And you get help at SP and RP with Thor and Yates.  Margot is just filler.  Maybe you can package a deal with him and Votto for a decent OF or an upgrade at UT.

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