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Sale for Glasnow/Eloy

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I am in 10 team point league where you can keep three players year over year. There are draft penalties where you would lose the pick one ahead of where they were drafted the next year.

I was offered Sale for Glasnow and Eloy. My keepers are fairly set (JoRam, Arenado, Machado or Snell) so I am less concerned about long term value, but still a consideration.

is this a good buy low while capitalIzing on Galsnow’s good start? 




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Generally getting the 1 in a 2 for 1 is the better move, but since this was an offer, I might poke at a counter offer, see if you can get him to toss in an upside lotto ticket or something and make it a 2 for 2.   Play up the Velo loss, his contract and the Sox possible desire to protect him ect.  Worth playing the game a bit to see if you can coax out more for free.  If not, then yeah I'd just take hte offer...

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