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28 minutes ago, Trexpenniebaker said:

High and Inside If you been a Castillo owner over the last 2 yrs has I have you know that he has a habit of crapping his pants in the 5th or 6th innings and blowing leads. He one of the more consistent pitchers at doing this  He had 5 walks in his last start vs the Dodgers blew a 1 run lead in the 5th. Yes so far this yr he is pitching fine BUT you never know if he will go back to that bad habit. I pray he don't


You’ll need to quote someone to ensure that they see your reply. 


Also Castillo rules #acestatus

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Happy Francisco Lindor Day!!! Lets get it!!  

Go away rain.

34 minutes ago, High&Inside said:

Tito probably shouldn't have used Hand with a 4 run lead in the first game of a double header. Brilliant.

There is no probably about it.  When you know you have another game to play that night, you don't bring in your closer (or even your setup man the inning before) in a game you hopefully already have won unless you end up absolutely having to.

The other dumb thing about it though is tons of teams use their closer in both games of a doubleheader.  There is no way he can give any logical excuse as to why Hand was not used in that game.  They were off yesterday obviously, so there is no reason why he would have been unavailable.  He hadn't pitched since Tuesday.  Even if that wasn't the case, managers will bring in their closer in that situation if they have no other choice rather than literally throw the game away.

About the only time Francona did anything worse to blow a Bauer win than what he did tonight was last season when he called down to the bullpen and they got the wrong reliever up.  You could say that's not his fault, but he's the manager.

32 minutes ago, Fuzzy_Slippers said:

Minter looks really good. 

That he did.  Granted it was against the Indians' bottom half of the lineup, aka Automatic Outs, aka Rally Killers, aka Our Owner Gutted Our Offense and All We Got Were These Rejects.... but....

Yes, Minter has the ability to be a solid closer.  His stats look awful, but that can probably be partially chalked up to him coming back from an injury.

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