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Vladimir Guerrero, Jr. 2019 Outlook

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On 9/17/2019 at 12:21 PM, Fiveohnine said:

I'm guessing his ADP will be in the 50s. Higher if he gets hot, lower if he stays cold.

It was well documented in this thread that his production would fall off as summer waned and his Vitamin D levels decreased. Maybe draft him early and then trade him before the deadline as the days are about to start getting shorter again.

Cavan Biggio must have be a genetic freak when it comes to Vitamin D levels, lmao. Almost like doctor's can prescribe a pill to help boost Vitamin D, if only...

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[Enough with the fat jokes and incessant bickering. All of it is juvenile and none of it is clever. Move along.]

I look forward to quoting the terrible Vlad takes for years to come. 

Don’t know much about him.   He any good?

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53 minutes ago, Fiveohnine said:

I guess there are two ways to look at it. One is that he might be a lazy fat slob who never bothered to work out. The other is that if he really has never lifted then he should become a monster once he starts. 

Possibly. Or he won’t know what the hell hes doing and injure himself. How in the hell has ANY athlete never set foot in a gym?

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14 hours ago, B&F said:

Sincere question.  What is this vitamin D stuff with Vlad?   Don't feel like going through the thread.


It's a bad meme by the people who said Vlad sucked. Came up with to keep saying instead of "this guy sucks", because when he was hitting super poorly, his day numbers were decent. So it was mocking Vlad originally, then kinda just stuck around.  Also something for the Vlad detractors to say rather than "he is fat", which the mods started removing. 

I also wouldn't go through those posts, some terrible Vlad takes all year long, whether it was the this guy is going to be amazing this year in April, or whether it's he doesn't have a major league swing in June. 

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