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1 minute ago, weakkneeswilly said:

Who says Brad Hand blows the save?  I think he earns the save. 

Il say he blows it. Even with 1 out.. .gotta be a solid money line for me

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His career whiff% on 4SFBs is egregious and so are his numbers against off-speed pitches (not-breaking, but specifically Changes). Neither of these things have changed in the early season. His overall

David Hernandez is my favorite player in all of baseball at this moment.

3 minutes ago, NolanRyan said:

viewed pages 4-6. Anyone know details of the Reds Braves game and if it will be competed tonight?

The radar shows the rain starting to move out , I would think they try to finish but it's all speculation

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Fantasy baseball has become such a crapshoot.  The big HR guys haven't changed much from 20 years ago. But you get a bunch of out of nowhere guys that change their launch angle or just get lucky on home run percentage. Same with pitching. One year a guy will be a little unlucky with HR and end up with a crazy high ERA, next season it might reverse and have a great ERA.

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