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Bryant bomb????????????????????  

5 minutes ago, midlip said:

who's starting Skaggs?

Wasn't able to get him off the DL for today's start but I might not have started him anyways. Not a bad idea to bench a guy for their first start coming off the DL.

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6 hours ago, ASHLANDARROWS1992 said:

radar at the moment looks iffy for the east coast games tonight...not sure how things will move throughout the day though

Yeah check ALL the east coast games for sure.  Right now 3 hours before game time it is pouring like crazy here an hours drive north of Boston.  And RotoGrinders is freaking out over the New York game being even worse weather.

Philly is also listed as kind of iffy but they seem more optimistic about Washington just down the road.  All four games will be close calls with Washington the safest to bet on going forward.  Timing is everything.

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12 minutes ago, intothedarkness said:

I've got Paxton, Fried, Eickhoff, and Strahm tonight. Should I start all 4?

Bench Coach Forum is for specific questions about your teams.  Just phrase this stuff slightly different for this thread and you can get away with it here.  That is don't use stuff like "should I" directly maybe.  (Also Eickhoff might get rained out, have to monitor the weather on that game and even Strahm's to a lesser extent).

Meanwhile 2 hours to the 7 pm east coast games and it is still pouring and even thundering north of Boston.

And there is even a Tornado Watch in the Philly area now though game still not called.

PS:  Checked the local radar and it looks like it is worse here north of Boston.  Boston seems dry right now oddly.

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2 minutes ago, #1Stunna said:

Thanks for the weather updates, keep them coming!  Nothing but sunshine and blue skies to report for SEA/TEX.

Boston looks like it could start on time with bad weather arriving an hour or two into the game so could be delayed or end up a shortened game.

Philly looks like rain might clear after 2 or 3 hours so they might make a late night start of 9 pm say?

Mets somewhere in the middle of the mess of early/late stuff I guess.

In all cases it will be miserable for the ticker holders.  But they don't count in the equation alas.

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