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Please help with this trade. WHIR 100%

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Bottom line - I'm looking to improve my team. Injuries have gotten me off to a slow start and an owner has just reached out to me asking for my Sale or Snell. What should I ask for in return that would make sense for my team going forward? I want to include Ohtani (I think he's severely undervalued). I'm also thin at 2b/1b/OF. My pitching is my strong point so I can afford to trade away Sale or Snell and still be good. The other owner has said that Altuve and JRam are not available. Put a hypothetical trade together for me that would benefit me in the long run and I'll answer any questions you may have for your own team. Thanks. 


10 Team Redraft H2H 


My Team:

C - Grandal

1b - Olson

2b - Gennett

3b - Rendon

SS - Bogaerts

OF - Judge, Cain, Marte

Util - C. Seager, J. Upton

Bench - Vogelbach, W. Myers, M. Smith, McNeil, Chavis

SP - Sale, Snell, Flaherty, Glasnow, Fried, Soroka, Ryu, Happ, Gio Gonzalez

RP - Holland, Minter, Neris, Jeffress


His Team:

C - Molina

1b - Mancini

2b - Altuve

3b - J. Ramirez

SS - Dejong

OF - Haniger, Ozuna, Benintendi

Util - Albies, Donaldson

Bench - Eaton, LeMahieu, Beckham, D. Murphy, Ohtani

SP - Nola, Castillo, Severino, Rodon, Archer, MIkolas, Montas, Caleb Smith, Freeland

RP - Chapman, Allen, Smith, Barnes


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I would probably try to offer whatever pitcher you wanna trade for Ohtani & whatever of his OF you like the best. 

Sale for Benintedi/Ohtani would be a nice haul, but it really depends on how the other owner values him I guess.

Sale obviously hasn't been off to a great start but I think he's on his way back to being himself sooner than later.

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5 minutes ago, Dirty Little Birdie said:

I was thinking Ohtani/Albies/a SP (maybe Mikolas) for Sale/someone else on my team. What do you guys think? I feel like at this point I'd rather give him Sale than Snell. 


I don't like Mikolas that much so I wouldn't want him personally.

I think your pitching is strong enough to lose a Sale if it improves you big somewhere else.

If it was me I would try to get Benintendi/Albies instead of Ohtani.

Sale/whatever for Beni/Albies would help your team lots & your pitching is still anchored by Snell/Glasnow/Flaherty.

If you insist on going for one of his arms I might try to buy low on Nola since he's off to a pretty bad start.

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