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Marquise Brown 2019 Outlook

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Normally i pass on rookie wr's because they dont make enough of an impact in the real game to be fantasy relevant.

Marquise “Hollywood” Brown is a guy I am willing to take a cheap flyer on or target on the waiver because he is an explosive playmaker from anywhere on the field. Also his competition on the team is currently Seth Roberts and Willie Snead. 

Lamar doesnt need to be an elite passer when he can hit Marquise for 5yds and let him do the rest. 

I think if Brown gets 8 targets a game he will be very relevant in ppr

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Well let's do some math. Lamar Jackson snap count = 54 Marquise Brown snap count = 14 54 / 14 = 3.857 Marquise Brown stats = 4/147/2 (receptions/yards/tds) So if I am projecti

I’m using my #1 spot on him.  If there is a best time to use your high waiver priority it’s week one where there is likely going to be a lot of transactions which should cycle you back up pretty high.

Yeah dude. It is an issue. He's too hip to be square and its a problem

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6 hours ago, hard1 said:

Thoughts as the season inches closer... he's going dirt cheap to free in some leagues... and most likely their number 1 health permitting 

funny, when you post the word "inches" on the hollywood brown forum, it reminded me of how his first college coach described marquise: “He was really, really little.”

when he first starting playing college ball, hollywood was 138 pounds, the size of a middle-school kid. he's 25 pounds of muscle heavier now (though still 5'8").

2 hours ago, dschddny said:

anyone watch him much in college?  How great was he?

he was great because of his speed, plain and simple; even nfl DBs will have a tough time keeping up. hollywood insists that he could have broken the 4.22 40-yard dash record at the combine, if he'd participated. i believe it, if he was 100% healthy.

but my two questions are, 1) how many passes will it take for LJax to connect with hollywood? how long will it itake LJax to develop his long-ball accuracy?


and 2) how is his health? how is he recovering from the lysfranc? penn state did a great study determining that lysfranc injuries are entirely recoverable for full performance, a higher chance than the 80% of an ACL, if the lesion is under 2mm... i don't know, i imagine that because hollywood is hobbit-sized maybe his feet are small? so that 2mm could be 1.5mm? but then again, hobbits have big feet, right?


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Yeah he's not big... but he's got game... and I'm sure his yearly workouts include big cuz so he's learning from one of the best... supposed to take the training wheels off jackson a little more...and if they can just do short hits to him anyway he has a big chance to do his thing as seen above.... he's def a gamble but his cost right now is very low... 

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1 minute ago, Espoiral said:

Anyone worried about his snap count? Apparently he only played 14 snaps or so.

Might be the very definition of boom-bust.

Is that a product of him being injured in preseason though and having minimal if no reps with Lamar?  I guess we will have to see but look at who he's competing with for targets 

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