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2 forever keepers Mega trade - WHIR

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This might be crazy thought since an owner and I exchanged messages about this offer. Which has better side?

Acquire Realmuto, Mondesi, Vlad, Acuna for Bellinger, Trout, Arenado, and Contreras 

Yahoo 10 teams 2 forever keepers 5x5 

C - Contreras

1B - Alonso

2B - Baez

SS - Tatis Jr

3B - Arenado

OF - Trout

OF - Rosario

OF - Bellinger

U - Myers

U - Vogelbach

B - McMahon

B - Jimenez

DL - Gennett

NA - Senzal

SP - Sale, Syndergaad, Taillon, Tanaka, Fried, German, Ryu

RP - Doolittle, W. Smith, Neris, Brasier

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Until a later date the side getting Trout wins the deal 99% of the time, this is no exception.

Long term I think Acuna/Vlad are probably 2 of the best 5 players in fantasy but that's probably a few years off still.

Since you only get 2 keepers Trout/Bellinger look like absolute locks at this point. 

Speaking just for this season Trout/Bellinger/Arenado is worth more than all 4 of what you'd get from the other side quite comfortably imo.


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Yeah, I’m not sure why you’d trade Trout, Arenado & Bellinger for Vlad Jr & Acuña when you can only keep two keepers anyway. 

If they’re forever keepers you figure Trout/Arenado/Bellinger are in their primes for at least another 5-6 years. IMO you do this trade 3-4 years from now. Not this year. 


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I think it's closer than most do, but I still wouldn't do it even if you are going for a rebuild. The three superstars you are giving up are too much. And the trade looks even worse if you replace Mondesi with Walker. Definitely don't do that.


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Realmuto and Contreras is a wash to me if we're talking long term.

Trout, Arenado, Bellinger vs. Mondesi, Acuna, Vlad Jr. 


If we're strictly talking about THIS YEAR in a roto league, i'd take Trout, Arenado, and Bellinger.       The Mondesi, Acuna, Vlad side will have more steals due to Mondesi and Acuna.    But the power numbers would be dominated by the Trout side.  

Long term, future?    It's all about if you care enough to let this play out.  If my team was out of the race and I had no chance, if I still had a choice of keeping 2 guys out of Trout, Arenado, and Bellinger, I could rest comfortably.      However, choosing to keep Acuna and Vlad could be incredible down the road, but who has time to think about what COULD be 5-6 years from now?  I know I don't.     Will Acuna ever be as good as Trout?   I highly doubt it.    Will Vlad be as good as Arenado currently is?   I'd bet on yes.    Bellinger?   I would favor Vlad over him.     But we're still talking hypotheticals.       


I'd rather take the Trout, Arenado, Bellinger side.    If you have enough speed on your roster to not be destroyed, you'll have a better chance of winning this year and you'll have the best player on Earth who you could keep forever.   Don't really see the downside to that. 

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