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Machado/Baez/Pham/Cole Trade. WHIR

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Who wins? Pending trade. 

I get: Baez/Machado/Domingo German

He gets: Pham/Gerrit Cole/Swanson

I win that trade, right?


With a lineup already featuring Trout/Rendon/Springer/Blackmon/Cano/Grandal/Castellanos/Pete Alonso I’m winning all the hitting cats each week. 

Pitching wise I have: Kershaw/Marquez/Ryu/Taillon/Boyd/Paddack/Beiber/Fried/Strahm so I felt ok about dealing Cole.

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Just now, Superdood43 said:

To answer the question, you win it pretty easily imo.

With the hitters you already have I'd probably prefer to hang onto Cole, doesn't really make much sense to trade your best pitcher for more hitting.




I thought that too, and the trade was actually a counter I made. I reasoned to myself when I made the counter that if the other manager accepted it, great. My hitting will be stacked and I should have enough pitching to cover. If he denied it, no problem because I didn’t think he’d accept it. 

So many people are selling Machado for pennies on the dollar right now. 

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3 minutes ago, GuyIncognito said:

You win this deal hands down! Nice haul for you. The downgrade at P is worth the massive upgrade on offense. Thanks for the help on mine. 


You’re welcome. The other manager must really have wanted Cole.

His first offer: Machado/Correa/Lucchesi for Cole/Pham/Swanson. 

I couldn’t believe I was able to swap out Baez for Correa and German for Lucchesi!

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Your side for sure. In your format, I would not worry much on your pitching, especially in an offensive year like this. Your bats look like more than enough to make up for losses in pitching and there will be breakout and hot streaks on the wire to supplement.


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