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Christian Kirk 2019 Outlook

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Alright guys, quick update as a Cardinals fan.... The Cards just released their first official DEPTH CHART and a big takeaway is the WR / TE / RB breakdown... They kept 7 (SEVEN!) WRs, only

Anybody thinking of dropping Kirk is crazy! He had 12 targets and Murray missed him a bunch. The chemistry will grow between these two for sure. The Cards will run a lot of plays. Kirk has the IT qual

Lol. That was genuine.    Everyone thinks everything is sarcasm and being jerks here. I was thanking you for digging up the info though.    Scroll around some threads. You'll see I

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3 minutes ago, Eaglesflyhigh11 said:

Any positive news for this week on kirk?


Would love to see him back to light up the Giants awful secondary. It seemed as though he was pretty close to returning last week so a return this week seems likely. 

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I will almost certainly be starting Kirk this week (assuming he’s back on the field, which surely he will be). Partially due to bye weeks and injuries on my team, but also because there’s a lot of juice in this game. Just wish he hadn’t of missed these previous weeks. Who knows what impact that will have on his snap count and chemistry with Murray. I fully expected Kirk to be a huge breakout by this point, but the injury certainly put a damper on that. He could start back slow, or this could be his breakout. 

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Just now, pdizzle710 said:


There's also this...

And this...


I'll take it. They have the early games, so if he is active you know he is 100% and should get normal reps. If not, then he won't play. Seems like there is no risk here of Kirk playing and then exiting/reaggravating the injury. Could be worse, will continue to monitor the situation. 

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5 minutes ago, JoeJoe88 said:

‘Tis’ a shame, as he’s missed two potential blowup games versus very exploitable secondaries. Kyler should still be fine, though. 



guy who has benefitted the most is Edmonds ... methinks he's in for another nice touch count today, even if DJ holds up. 


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The only reason I've held onto Christian this whole time is probably cuz my team name is Kirk Go Bang hahaha

Even if he plays vs Saints, no way I can roll him out there. 

We'll see, but there's a tough stretch of games coming back as he returns from injury, and AZ becomes a run-first team. 

may need to cut ties at some point...

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