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My Buehler for his Vlad Jr. Fair straight up or should I be asking for/giving more? My starters all had a pretty good April so it makes me think I could stomach the loss of Buehler + I've been effective streaming starters over the years and haven't had much of an opportunity to thus far. Also it's a QS league and a looming innings cap scares me because they may pull him after 5 if he's in line for a win. Thoughts?


My roster: 

Team 1 - Yahoo 10 Team - R/HR/RBI/SB/AVG/OPS, QS/K/SV/TB/ERA/WHIP (3 OF, 3 UTIL)

C - Alfaro, Narvaez                    1B - J Abreu, Lowe             2B - Merrifield, Villar                    SS - Correa, Villar

3B - Moustakas                  OF - Acuna, Harper, Puig, Castellanos, Verdugo, Piscotty , Meadows                 DH - Ohtani

SP - Buehler, Berrios, Morton, Hamels. Glasnow, Stroman                   RP - Yates, W Smith, Robles, Givens



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1 hour ago, Rush2112 said:

Did you get the maple leaf yet? 

The offer has snowballed into Buehler, Will Smith, and Piscotty for Vlad and a piece.. still in the works.

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