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Josh VanMeter 2019 Outlook

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4 hours ago, The Big Bat Theory said:

I was not trying to belittle anyone.  You just repeated they he could have 2 starts as well and I just wanted the correct info posted.  Please don't get upset over an honest attempt at a correction.  Thank you.

BBT takes his Yahoo platform knowledge very seriously. Now you know.😁

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This season in the minors vs lefties: (53 at bats) .358 AVG, .435 OBP, 1.209 OPS WHAT ARE THE REDS DOING

Good enough to bat 4th but not good enough to play everyday....got it.

David Bell is an absolute disaster.

VanMeter already was basically playing near daily, but def will be now. Hope they still move him around a bit, also Scooter could be dealt yet to open up 2nd.

Also he prob should not need to be sitting v LH...dude has put up a .358/.435/.774 against them in AAA this year in 50+ ABs

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16 minutes ago, Redsfan34 said:

He should slot in at 2b most days now with Scooter gone. 

Yeah, he should play there pretty consistently and still move around a bit too. Had another couple walks today, along with a base knock, run and SB.

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This guy could be a difference maker down the stretch, particularly in points leagues.  Rarely strikes out, can take a walk, hits for power, and has multi-position eligibility in most formats. Trades of Puig and Scooter have cleared the way for plenty of playing time.  If he starts regularly against lefties the rest of the way, look out!

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1 hour ago, Slimzy17 said:

This is ridiculous... can't keep this guy if that's all the playing time he's going to get.  Baseball is not that complicated....

It’ll continue. I’ve said it before, but Winker has a similar hitting profile to Van Meter and bs like this has been happening to him all season. 

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5 minutes ago, street sharks said:

Stealing like a mad man. Three steals in the last four games. Sucks he isn't playing every day

You guys have to be patient. Managers aren't just gonna wholesale replace vets in the lineup. Plsyers have to be slowly worked into the rotation and slowly worked out of it. The better he plays the more he'll play until eventually he's just the starter. 

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