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14 minutes ago, BostonCajun said:

Go Hill! And Miley?!? Anyone else crazy enough to put Miley out there? Ratios are already shot so I’m just hoping for the win. Although the Rangers struggle somewhat against lefties. 

Yes, go Miley. For purely psychic and illogical reasons, I'm seeing 6 IP, 7Ks from Miley 😄

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Let’s go Yankees 

Lets go Corbin, Soroka & Yu .... let’s 🙏🙏🙏 together 


Jinxed on Bassett & Minor 

I really hope all your jinx go to BassEtt, because I need Bassitt to pitch well.

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35 minutes ago, KilloWertz said:

Go Musgrove!  Go Soroka!  Go Weaver!

Hopefully I can manage a win out of the Soroka vs. Weaver game...

in the same boat with weaver and soroka...need a real low scoring game when i've got albies/acuna going where i also need hits and homers haha


...fantasy baseball

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