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In a 5x5 roto team which side do you prefer? 

I give: Machado, Franmil Reyes, Dee Gordon, Caleb Smith

i get: Bryce Harper, Thor, Jorge Polanco, Jose Alvarado

this seems like a good deal to me but I’m second to last in steals. I have Hamilton and other speed, but is this haul worth giving up Gordon’s speed? WHIR 100%! Thanks! 

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I think I prefer having Harper over Machado (most of Machado's fantasy appeal in past years was due in part to the Orioles home park and I hate the fact that he calls the Padres ball park home "not a hitter's park"). So, 1 - 0 for you.

I am intrigued but what Caleb Smith can become. I believe he has a 4-pitch arsenal which would help his ascension into the rankings. Not sure what to make with Thor but he has a track record so I guess, 2 - 0 for you.

I prefer Reyes over Polanco. I feel as though Polanco will only hit for average (if he can sustain his early season batting approach) but that's all. Reyes will give you more in terms of HRs and RBIs.So, imo, 2 - 1 for you.

I rather keep Gordon's speed rather than trading it for Alvarado, a closure that might keep or share his job. The Rays are all about advanced stats whenever they play games so they might choose to put out another reliever during a closer situation.So, 2 - 2.

Lol, it's draw. So, you can either choose to accept the trade if you love one of the players or just decide to decline the offer (which I would do imo).

Help with mine?



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