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J.P. Crawford 2019 Outlook

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On 6/24/2019 at 12:06 PM, Junkie Cosmonaut said:

Its obvious that they're giving him a chance and In the 15 games before the Baltimore series, he hit a respectable .283 and has always had the plate discipline to get on base, but its hollow. Only 6 XBHs over that time (all doubles), 6 runs, 8 RBI and and 0 steals. Not sure what that's going to win you. Maybe this weekend propels him a bit. Confidence is a weird thing. 


Even this skeptic is on board. Go confidence! 

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1 hour ago, Sterling Archer said:

Here's a thorough (read: long) article by Michael Ajeto on the Pitcherlist site that breaks down J.P. in depth and discusses if he's for real.

Lotsa charts and videos but well worth the read IMO.



Thanks a ton for this. I've been looking for something to push me to the other side of the fence on Crawford and this may have done it.

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I'm excited about this guy. People say well its a small sample size, but he has shown a different approach and level all year in AAA than he ever had before as well. So really he's been been hitting like this all year. In a full season I'd put him at like


80/15/80/8/.290 (.360 OBP) type player, plenty good

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In this 3-31 stretch he has a .095 BABIP.  Which is a sign that he may not be struggling as much.  But his 25% to 6% K to BB rate is a sign that he's still not solved things.

In his "best case", he's still going to be a middle infielder who doesn't have much power, doesn't steal bases, and strikes out too much to be much help in batting average.  

His best feature is defense, and that's not going to matter much in fantasy.

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