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Thinking of Trading Harper Suggestions - WHIR!!

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In second place in my keeper roto league, Harper is severely underperforming.  Thinking of trading him.  I sent out these feeler offers to two of the middle pack teams.


1.  are these enough for Harper?


2. which is likely to be accepted?


Justin Turner and Walker Buehler for Bryce?

Anthony Rendon and Aaron Nola for Bryce Harper?



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I think both are fair offers. What's the harm in floating out both offers? At the very least it might start a dialog with those owners and you'll be able to come to something close. That said, I'd probably hang onto him. Dealing Harper away will thin out your OF. And while Jo Ram has been just as much of a disappointment as Harper has been, I have faith he'll turn it around, it's still early in the season, so not sure dealing Harper for a 3B is the way to go. Thanks for the help on mine.

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29 minutes ago, mocha4313 said:

Both are worth an offer but I think the second one is the only one that could get accepted. For the second one, on your part, I would make sure you can replace those players, but if so, go for it.


I see this may have been difficult to follow. By those players, I mean Harper in your outfield and that you can replace him with a decent option. Did not mean to confuse

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