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I hope the kid gets 20ABs/wk but that seems aggressive.  Likely to be in the 12-15AB/wk range.  If you're weighing options on which call-up to grab, I have to put Mercado lower on the list because of the situation.  

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Out of the Hiura, Riley, Mercado, Lopez, Calhoun, Rodgers prospect fest some of us chose Mercado    RIP

Love this kid!  I have watched every at-bat in this Rangers series, and yes his performance should be taken with a huge grain of salt given how awful Rangers' pitching is, but the one thing that stand

Indians OF prospect. 14 SB in 30 games. Also a good hit tool. 

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2 hours ago, legia13 said:

Up to 7th in the order in today's lineup. 


Huge impact in my opinion. When batting 9th, he has been quoted as saying he didn't want to run into outs with Lindor hitting behind him. I think he is much more likely to steal bases in the 7 hole.

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9 minutes ago, aMediumPace said:

Well, he went 0 for 4 last game. He must be punished. 

Yeah I can only imagine the pressure he feels right now to produce. First game he looked bad with 3 ks, and that got him on the bench for two games. Moved to 7th, 0-4, back to 9th. Give the kid at least a little leash Francona!

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MAY 23, 7:01 PM CDT

Mercado exited Thursday's game against the Rays following a collision in the outfield, Mandy Bell of MLB.com reports.


Mercado and Leonys Martin crashed into each other while diving for a ball. Both players remained in the game initially, but Mercado was removed after hitting a single in his next at-bat. The nature and severity of his injury is unclear, but the issue would seem to be in his hip or groin based on where Martin ran into him.

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Mercado was forced to leave Thursday's game against the Rays with a right hip contusion, Ryan Lewis of the Akron Beacon Journal reports.

Mercado suffered the injury in an outfield collision with Leonys Martin. He remained in the game initially and singled in his next at-bat but was removed for a pinch runner after reaching second base. The diagnosis of a contusion appears to suggest that his absence won't be a long one, though the Indians have yet to announce his expected return date.

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20 minutes ago, johnnyboy8102 said:

Not in the lineup tonight. 

How much longer is every one holding out? 

And they're starting their 3rd catcher at DH, against Snell.  No idea what is going on in CLE, but that's been the case since December.

Mercado is likely sitting due to a collision in the field the other day.

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10 minutes ago, Sonny_D said:

Back and hitting 2nd today. It’s about time Francona put him at the top. Of course he couldn’t drop his love toy in Kipnis too far (batting 4th). 


Kipnis batting clean up? These are dark times indeed...

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1 hour ago, El_Chingon said:

Not so sure what you mean by platoon player....he had started every day consecutively for a week before hurt.


Just saw that should have been thorough before posting, thanks man for pointing it out.


Well then if he hits and Franco leaves him in there this could be a very nice player, albeit with a low BA more than likely

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