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is andujar worth stashing in keeper league?


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it's a 10-team roto league

we keep 10 players per year .....4yr contracts (w/ 1 franchise tag per year) ....... andujar has all 4yrs left on contract


we don't have traditional DL slots ..... but we can stash a maximum of 1 injured player on IR to be a keeper for next season


Is Andujar valuable enough to use as my one an only IR stash of the year? ....... or should I just drop him and save IR slot in case somebody better get hurt?


THANKS in advance!

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1) can you afford to bench him, at least for now?

2) are there 11 players on your roster right now that you’d be comfortable and happy to,keep right now?

3) if someone else grabs him will it upset you and seriously make you regret your decision?



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