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New Keeper League for 2019-20 & on

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Hey, so im looking to start a new keeper league. I was thinking about making it as real as possible and have 31 teams. or 32 since seattle is caoming in 21. For the rosters I thought it could be a simple 4 forward lines, 3 D lines, 1 starting goalie 7 1 backup goalie on your bench. Maybe we can vote on adding more bench players, I dont think we'd need them but people might want them. Figure we have it H2H total point matchups. And we can figure out how many keepers to have each year with a vote. I was thinking like 15 maybe? But anyways I wanted to try and start setting this up early so its ready for september. If we fill the league fast and all agree to use league safe we can make it a pay league! reply back with comments and questions please!


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