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Is outfield a team need for me? I have some guys like Puig starting slow and Judge on the DL.  Team that i'm considering talking to has: Marte, Buxton, Castellanos, & then Calhoun & Conforto. So should I make an offer for either Marte or Buxton? If so, who could I offer? The guy said he needs pitching. Or should I stay put? Worse team need than outfield?


12 team, h2h 7x7 cats. Keep 2 at draft price first year, divided in half next year, & divided again 3rd year if possible...can't keep 1-3rd rounders.

c-vasquez, 1b-Abreu, 2b-Villar, 3b-A Riley, SS- Bregman, 

of- F. Reyes, McCutchen, Puig, Utl- Donaldson.  Bnch- Chavis, Murphy  DL- Tatis, Judge

Sp- Snell, Buehler, C. Smith, Soroka, Fried, Lucchesi, Hill

rp- Osuna, Jackson, Brasier    DL- Eovaldi



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Conforto would be my first choice, since his price may come down because of that concussion. I prefer Buxton over Mallex, but it's really an issue of power (buxton) vs better BA and a few more SBs (Mallex).  I do think Buxton's average will come down, though, so if you're more of a believer than me, then Buxton might even be more valuable than Conforto in your mind. I'd offer Lucchesi, but also admit I'm more skeptical of him than others. 


Help? http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/751959-who-do-i-drop-to-make-room-for-an-of-and-what-of-do-i-add-whir/

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