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Reason to be Worried on Verlander? WHIR

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It sounds dumb. He has been the number 1 pitcher by quite a bit in my league and in my points format, the number 1 overall player but his fangraphs page looks legitimately scary. I am wondering if he is declining as he is aging but just getting lucky to improve his basic stats.

Would an offer like Verlander+Altuve for Bregman+one of Berrios, Carrasco, Walker Buehler or Strasburg be ill advised? This is the rest of my team:

C- Grandal 1B: Rizzo 2B: Albies SS: Trea Turner 3B: Jose Ramirez CINF: Matt Chapman MINF: Trevor Story

OF: Hoskins, Franmil Reyes, Senzel, Meadows, Soto UTIL: Austin Riley

BN: Conforto, Altuve, Aaron Hicks IL: Judge

SP: Verlander, Gerrit Cole, Patrick Corbin, Flaherty, German Marquez, Caleb Smith, Max Fried RP: Yates, Diaz

Drop a link and WHIR

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I would say Verlander is fine.  In my opinion if you are looking to mitigate risk you aren't doing so by trading for other potential headaches.  I like Berrios a lot but I happen to like Verlander more.  Buehler is a stud in the making but doesn't have the track record Verlander has & some people were ready to jump ship on him early in the season when he was getting smacked around.  Strasburg is as injury prone as they come so you wouldn't be doing yourself any favors there either.  Lastly, Carrasco's era 2 months into the season is almost double what Verlander's is.  The different between Altuve & Bregman isn't significant enough to want to swap out Verlander for a lesser SP.

Thanks for the help with mine!!

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15 minutes ago, Rush2112 said:

Yes be very worried he's older than dirt move him for either an OF or INF upgrade. Some other owner will want to own JV only due to his name value... 


Spot on evaluation, you should TRY to move Justin for kole Calhoun immediately.  Not sure if the Calhoun owner will bite, you may need to throw in ryu as well.

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I think you're fine with Verlander.  It's not like those other SPs don't come without their own risks.  Shoot, Berrios was spotted a 15 run lead yesterday and wet himself so bad he couldn't make it out of the fourth (bitter Berrios owner).

Return the favor?


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