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Marlon Mack 2019 Outlook

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Crazy to see some people complaining here and on Reddit about Mack because he had a floor game against one of the best run defenses in football. He's averaging 22 touches per game behind Indy's stoutest OL in years and has a cakewalk schedule through his bye in Week 6.   

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yes.  the kid is a flat-out better runner than Mack - case closed. 

Can we stop jynxing this guy? Thanks. 

what kinda perverted voooodoooo medicine they practicing over there? BOOT? ON THE SHOULDER??!?!!1?

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2 minutes ago, NyZD said:

WTF is going on this week, Josh Jacobs, Singletary, Mack etc  and nothing definitive on anyone 😫...

He has a calf injury but is lugging around a boot but he is fine. Cool.


Yeah, there's a slew of injuries where we haven't gotten back a diagnosis on.  Mccoy, Damien Williams, Conner, etc.

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Calf injuries stink.  I'm not a pro player but in my experience calf injuries can really linger if you don't give them time to heal.  I'd rather a hammy or groin than a calf.  I just hope whatever it is they let it heal before he plays.  The worst thing would be to push it when it isn't quite right and he's screwed for the ROS.

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18 hours ago, Chwf3rd said:

Grab Wilkins quick

Didn’t Hines outplay Wilkins (in ppr) by far weeks 1,4,5, when Mack was out last year?

week 1 

Hines 12.2 Pt’s / Wilkins 9.1 Pt’s 

week 4

Hines 28.3 Pt’s / Wilkins 1.6 Pt’s 

Week 5

Hines 16 Pt’s / Wilkins 4.8 Pt’s 

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I'd recommend checking the wire for Frank Gore if Mack misses. He's a great one-week bellcow in a plus match-up. I also still think it's pretty likely Mack plays and they're just saving him due to his ongoing workload.

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