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Looking to snag one of these guys via trad


5x5 redraft


Pete Alonso

Jose Abreu


Guy also has Joey Gallo but worry about acquiring him and taking a hit when his BA starts to fall.......................

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Very tough choice, I think all 3 hold very similar value. I guess it would depend on the rest of your team make up. Gallo will hit the most bombs. Alonso second most but Abreu will end up with the highest BA. Hows the rest of your team look? Do you have to worry about the dip in BA?


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I think the safe choice is Abreu. He is a second half guy, always has been and I would be shocked if he was not 285/20 ROS


Alonso will be close to that and I think he has more upside on the HR and RBI over Abreu but less BA, maybe 270 or so


I like Gallo but would not take him on right now, you are right about the BA, he is gonna go 0/40, probably the minute you acquire him LOL

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i'd go with Alonso.   i think his power upside is slightly higher..      if you have more of a batting avg need, go Abreu.   Really depends on the need.    But I think I'd roll with Alonso and gamble on him maintaining his current pace. 

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