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Domingo Santana vs Kyle Tucker WHIR!

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14 team keeper. $300 draft budget every year, and it cost and additional $5 to keep a player the following year. 

I am the Yordan Alvarez owner and am contemplating hedging my bets by trading for Kyle Tucker ($1 player).  I figure that Yordan or Tucker will be called up any day now.  

I can do this by dealing my Domingo Santana ($5 player). Domingo has been bad over the past month or so, and he is my 6th outfielder. That being said, he is streaky and could turn it on and be a great keeper next year. 

Thoughts? Thanks!

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I think Domingo Santana still has levels he can reach.    But since he's just your 6th OF, it's not alot of risk in making that move.   If Tucker/Yordan aren't brought up for another couple weeks (or even later), you'll still have enough players to field a full roster.   And that makes it a low risk move for you. 


I have a team on the other hand where I have Santana as my 3rd-4th OF and even with him struggling, he still plays every day and hits in a prominent spot in a lineup scoring runs.   So it would be a lot riskier for me to make that same move (I happen to be stashing Yordan), but that's a much bigger gamble than you would be making in this case. 

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I think I would hold. I get hedging your bets but it is very unlikely Tucker is called up to DH (unlike with Alvarez) and none of the Astros outfielders are showing cracks. Santana will not lead the league in RBIs but still has some upside even if he has cooled off. I would roll with him.


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