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Points league, my pitching staff is kind of weak. Team looks like 


1B Hoskins

2B Chavis

3B Carpenter

SS Correa 

2B/SS Segura

1B/3B Suarez

OF Benentendi 

OF Harper

OF Senzel

OF Kris Bryant

OF Blackmon

Utility Corey Seager (hate him)

I have Jiminez, Biggio, and Kevin cron on my bench. Just picked those two up. 








Gray (ew) 

Archer (also ew)


Jordan Hicks

jimmy Nelson and Andrew Heaney on the IL

I would like to get another ace in there if I could, and I feel like now is a good time to try and get Bauer  


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What's crazy about Bauer is that his BABIP is very low, but his walk rate and HR rate are much higher.  the BABIP should come up a fair amount and his FIP supports him showing an even worse ERA...

I'd try to trade for someone else.

Please check out my post here:


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Only in CATEGORY leagues are you concerned WHERE your points are coming from because the cats are half hitting and half pitching.  You don't need to even out your cats in points leagues. 

That being said, I don't know what your points settings are but Blackmon is having a great season and my guess he is getting a ton more points than Bauer.  Even if Bauer starts to pitch well, my guess is that you could do a lot better.  

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