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Keeper League - Paddack for Devers?

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I would receive Devers and give up Paddack.  

I like my lineup, but Devers would be a nice add.  

Paddack will hit an innings limit this year, but over the long-term is he going to be a true ace I will regret giving up?

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Who would be your 7 keepers, if you make the deal? I think Paddack will be that ace, but if you are keeping solid SP, as well with some bats, then it isn't terrible. Imo, it's harder to find great SP, than it is a bat. But I am high on Devers as well & glad I stayed patient (with the help of this forum...lol) in the beginning. 

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Currently my Keepers would be:

Bregman, Correa, Mookie, Bellinger, Snell for sure and then two of Goldy (thinking of dealing him though), Judge, Buehler, Paddack/Devers.  I never tend to keep more than one pitcher each season as they are so much more unpredictable than hitters. 

I have a number of young guys (Rodgers, Hiura, Soroka, C. Smith) that depending on how the remainder of the season goes, could work their way into the discussion as well.  The first Five keepers are pretty close to locked in though. 

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This is a tough call. It's so tempting to have Devers and Chavis together on the same team. Love the fact that they hit next to each other in the lineup.

Aahhh.. I'd hold off for now but would not fault you for pulling the trigger on this trade. Tougher to find aces than 3B though nowadays, as DarinB said.

Also, would keep Judge and one of Paddack/Buehler.

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This is close, but as others have mentioned, based on your current needs I'd stick with Paddack.

I think that both players have been overachieving, but I believe that Paddack will have a less severe regression.  2.75-3.00 ERA with potential to push into sub 2.50 territory and a plus K/9 pitching in a top 10 pitcher's park.  Dude is #14 ranked SP by SIERA.

ZiPS has Devers pegged as a .270ish hitter with ~25-30 HRs a year through his early 20s.  Definitely a great stat line, but with the uptick in HR across the league I don't think 25 HRs is as valuable as it used to be.  He's stolen 6 SB this season, but his past seasons make this look like an outlier.  If you're left with 25 HR, 85-90 R/RBI, and a .270 average, with an admitted potential to push beyond this with adjustments, I still have to go with the SP.



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