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Zach Zenner 2019 Outlook

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This much effort and not even a single like? Cmon now lol. I now know more about Zenner than I do about my own parents 

If the Giants sign Zenner, Saquon might be out of a job when he's healthy.  You heard it here first my friends.

Goal of the thread: To convince you, at the minimum to add him to your watch list, and at the maximum, take him in the last round of your fantasy draft.      Let's start out wit

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Don't forget Dwayne Washington has been 3rd on Saints depth chart all year as well & he too played for Joe Lombardi in Detroit. I would think Washington would get reps before ZZ since he's been there, knows the playbook/terminology and has some physical skills too.

I like Zenner but I'm not seeing it here...i expect Latavius to get almost all the carries with a spattering of Washington, if that. By the time ZZ gets up to speed on Saints offense, AK will be back.

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1 hour ago, Brianmsbc said:

Can someone explain why he is a must add? Latavius Murray should be the guy right? It's also not like Kamara is on the IR. 


Hes a speculative add, esp if you have Kamara and Murray was already scooped up.

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Zenner is no star but he has a cult following because he passes the eye test for many and a lot of people think he is better than his career has gone.  Somehow he can't stick to a roster though.  You never know if this is the spot for him.

Although this has been mentioned already, the last game he started (against GB) he went 93 yards on 21 carries, plus a 30 yard reception.  Only one game of course but the potential is there.

You're picking him up in case Kamara's ankle is way worse than they are letting on (usually when they say "high ankle" its bad), and Latavius flops.  Latavius flopping is always a possibility.

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He actually has a shot in Arizona.  There really wasn't an opportunity in NO.  At best he would have battled for 3 touches a game once Kamara was healthy.  The signing would indicate a real issue with DJ and he definitely has a shot of pushing Edmonds for PT.  Edmonds has more of a scatback build than a short yardage guy.  Zenner's measurables and size are nearly identical to DJ.

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3 minutes ago, Sternes said:

Sneaky pickup and hold.  Could be the GL guy in AZ.  DJ ruled out for 2 games already.

I hope Zach and his family send you a Christmas card.

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