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Kershaw, Soroka, Leclerc for Bergman, Ozzie, N Lopez?

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Redraft Roto league 


give Kershaw, Soroka and Leclerc


get Bergman, Albies and Nicky Lopez


I own Suarez so Bergman would be my CI


My 2B is La Stella and MI Goodrum but I own Dozier and Peraza


Would leave my pitching like this







Gallen (minors)




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Absolutely do that. I am still not sold on Kershaw having remained an ace without his velocity, not to mention the injury concerns, while Soroka’s value is hit in redrafts by his innings limit. Leclerc also does not seemed to have completely figured it out yet, and his earlier performance as a closer makes him hard to trust. Bregman could very well be a top 5 player this year and is at least top 10. Albies is a solid buy low who is sure to get hot again soon. Nicky is more of a throw in but has a high floor for a rookie and some upside as well. The main piece is obviously Bregman but I see the whole trade as a really good option for you.

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7 minutes ago, DarinB300 said:

Not a bad deal, but would definitely look at adding another SP or 2, since you are giving up 2 solid SP. 




Chirinos, Skaggs and Gallen only SP on wire 

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I'd probably make the deal and add one of those GA SPs you posted, don't have a favorite but might try Skaggs. 

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23 minutes ago, Monkeyman74 said:



Chirinos, Skaggs and Gallen only SP on wire 

You may be okay with SP for now. Just keep an eye on the WW & don't be afraid to trade some depth like La Stella for SP. 

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