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Two add/drops left this week (WHIR 100% UNTIL CLOSED)

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I've asked this before in some form but I shall ask again with a little twist and more info. To give you an idea of standings, I'm in 2nd place, and teams in 2nd thru 4th are no more than two games out of first. Then the fifth place team is 12 games out. So I'm not killing it, but I'm not doing badly, early in the season as it is. Below are the players I could add.  I'm thinking my droppables include Leclerc (unless we think he'll regain the closer gig within a week or two), Lynn after tomorrow's start (yeah, nice Ks, but just not trustworthy), and an OF such as Renfroe (good pop, not much else) or Conforto (not really finding his swing post injury). Leave your thoughts and I'll reply 100% until closed. 


FA Hitters of Interest: Reynolds, Urias (Commentary: I have a packed OF as is, though Reynolds keeps hitting well. Urias would be a stash hoping for a call-up soon and as a potential backup if LaStella regresses, or can be made trade bait.)

FA Pitchers of Interest: Gallen, Luzardo, Matz, Nelson (Commentary: I probably shouldn't stash a prospect pitcher with an uncertain call-up. Matz is the most now-ready for a fantasy team, and Nelson has the upside but the uncertainty.)


12-team, 10-cat, h2h, redraft yahoo league. 

C - Realmuto; 1B - Rizzo; 2B - LaStella; 3B - Suarez; SS - Turner; OF - Avisail, Pence, Renfroe; Util - Voit; Bench - Conforto, Y.Alvarez; IL (2) - Springer, Stanton

SP - Caleb, Castillo, Gibson, Heaney, Lynn, Quintana; RP - Holland, Hicks, Leclerc, Robles, Vazquez

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I would cut Robles or Lynn for Nelson. The upside of a pitcher who has shown ace like stuff on a winning team is hard to resist. That is probably my only move. Conforto should be nowhere near droppable in any format in my opinion


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It's either Matz or Nelson for me. Nelson is probably the best bet of the bunch, but, it's been quite some time since he's pitched at the MLB level, so there is going to be some hefty rust initially.But come fantasy playoff time, he's the guy I'd want out of that bunch. Matz helps you now, so it really comes down to dealing with the rust for Nelson for the benefits later in the season. Or going with Matz, who while not as good, is still a solid option to me but probably a tier below Nelson when both healthy.

I think Lynn is your drop, as well.

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I like picking up Nelson for Lynn. Would consider dropping Robles for Matz, if you want SP now. Or else would consider dropping Rendroe for Reynolds, if you want to keep Conforto on your bench until he comes around. Thanks for mine!

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