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Kalen Ballage 2019 Outlook

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2 hours ago, SkinsChargersFan said:

Ha, I had to look this up... amazing. A 68-55 win over Texas Tech.


Gotta love Big 12 “Defense.”

Big 12:

Related image


But seriously, how can this guy be so... bad? 1.9 Y/A is absolutely atrocious,, even for Miami...

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Train leaving the station at 0.5 mph

Cool...Isn’t this a Kalen Ballage thread though?

You got ballage in the 14th round of a 16-team draft???  What a reach!!! Although like you said, he might at least have some value for you to trade him to one of the kindergarteners in your league

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10 hours ago, Jordan23 said:

Crack a beer and Watch that game  highlights video on YouTube. Crazy game. Mahomes was slinging also.  No way this guy should suck this much in the nfl. 


Yeah, it's bizarre to watch Ballage now after reading his draft scouting report, where he's described with things like "instant acceleration", "quick and elusive", and "a natural receiver". Either Miami is just that bad, or he's unable to adapt to NFL speed.

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Hes the starter and if you have to use him it's this week... that said I have to agree a little with the above... something is just not clicking yet for him especially in games... maybe the coaches have seen the flashes in practice but whatever it is has absolutely not translated to real games yet... it most certainly could with the reps.... but def right now hes got the equivalent of writers block the yips cold feet scaredy cat syndrome... and if he doesnt pull out soon hes gonna get past over and if it isn't laird or gaskins its gonna be a rb next year....

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He's having a historically bad season.  Could end up being the worst statistical season of all time.  If you're going to be awful, ya might as well go for the record books.  I'm rooting for ya kid!

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