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Would you make this trade? **WHIR**

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I have a chance to acquire deGrom in my small 8-team work league. It's a keeper league, but we can only keep 5 guys. Would you trade Meadows, Albies, and Bauer for deGrom?

If I did the trade, my team would look like this:


C - J.T. Realmuto

1B - Anthony Rizzo

2B - Gleyber Torres

3B - Rafael Devers

SS - Manny Machado

CI - Jose Ramirez

LF - Eloy Jimenez

CF - Victor Robles

RF - Shin-Soo Choo (I have Judge on the IL)

Util - Vlad Guerrero Jr.

Util - Luke Voit


SP - Chris Sale

SP - Jacob deGrom

SP - Shane Bieber

SP - German Marquez

SP - Mike Soroka


IL - Tyler Glasnow, Luis Severino, Mike Clevinger


What do you think?

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Personally, I wouldn't make the trade because I'm extremely bullish on Meadows and I feel like when Bauer gets his head on straight again he can be just as good as DeGrom. I feel like the issue your having is that you can only keep 5 players for next season so I'm assuming DeGrom would be one of those keepers you would want to keep and the three you would trade away wouldn't be keepers so you don't want to lose them for nothing.

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Tough call as good as Meadows has been, I wasn't a believer but it's hard not to be on board now. Guess it would really depend if he was going to be a keeper or not, you have so many good players young and vets it's hard to say which 5 you'd plan to keep.

Albies is pretty useless hitting .231 against RHP last year and hovering around the same mark this season, he's way too streaky on top of that. Bauer probably gets things figured out but think most of us would prefer Grom who should get past any issues he's having. You'd have Judge coming back which would fill a big hole left by Meadows, but even still leaves the OF a little thin. Have to consider if the gains might be worth it going with Grom over Bauer, especially if both round into form. Then Meadows down to Eloy or Robles, ROS and/or beyond if any of them were keepers for you. Personally as it stands now I think Medows/Bauer is a bit of an overpay, but it all depends if one thinks Meadows is legit year in and out, it's hard to see him keep this pace going and should cool off too an extent I'd imagine but who knows. 

Curious who would your 5 keepers be both before and after making the trade ? 

Is SP more valuable than bats in your league ? 

In a small league bats seem like they'd be easier to come by but stud SP not so much. 

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Are you keeping meadows and Bauer if you don’t take this? Are you keeping degrom if you take this? Do you like degrom/new keeper better than Bauer/meadows?

If you’re just playing to win now I’d take it I like degrom more than Bauer this year. Albies is meh and I’m sure in an eight team league you can somewhat replace meadows. It’s easier to find bats than potential top 5 SPs imo 

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Not without more clarity on this. 

"Jacob deGrom was pitching a shutout into the seventh inning against the Diamondbacks when he fell to the ground and stood up with a hip cramp. DeGrom exited the game on 89 pitches with two outs in the seventh, leaving a three-run lead in the hands of a taxed bullpen that sent the game into extra innings. 'His hip cramped up... We can’t leave him out there with anything bothering him,” Mets manager Mickey Callaway told reporters. “He fought hard … I don’t really know (the extent of his injury) at this point … It was a cramp, those aren’t very concerning.'”


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How are you getting by right now?  Your SPs look pretty good when everyone's healthy.  If you9 can make it until they start coming back, I think I'd pass on the deal.

Thanks for mine!

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Albies is pretty worthless right now, so trading him away in any package I like.


However... Bauer (IMO) has the potential to put up numbers close to as good as what Degrom is likely to give you, and there's always a chance he's dealt to a contender if Cleveland firesales it. That could improve his value a lot. I also like Meadows and am becoming a believer right now. I would try to hold tight, especially considering that bit of news concerning DeGrom leaving his last start.


Thanks for mine!

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Who are you planning on keeping?  I like Meadows and would potentially keep him but in an 8 team league I’m not sure. I’d probably dump the pitchers and keep hitters only so in my mind keep Meadows. Go after Castillo if you want a SP and try to hold onto Meadows. 

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