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Acquire Harper or Pass?

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Harper owner looking for SP and wants to deal him for either Greinke, Paxton or Berrios. Would you deal any of those three or stick with what I have and pass on Harper? Was considering only because this is a keeper league and since it’s H2H I typically stream SP anyway, so I hold more value with bats then I do pitchers.


ESPN 10 team, H2H, Keeper League (keep 3)
B Cats: OPS, H, HR, R, RBI, SB, K
P Cats: W, K, QS, ERA, WHIP, HD, S

C - G.Sanchez
1B - P.Goldschmidt
2B - N.Senzel
3B - A.Rendon
SS - A.Mondesi
OF - J.D.Martinez, M.Ozuna, S.Marte
Util - M.Muncy
Bench - F.Reyes, C.Santana, E.Jimenez, D.Gregorious
SP - J.Paxton, J.Berrios, Z.Greinke, M.Boyd
RP - S.Doolittle, R.Osuna, J.Hicks, M.Barnes, A.Ottavino
Bench - R.Hill, M.Strahm
IL - A.Judge, C.Correa

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I'd gamble trading Paxton for him to start, or Berrios if you don't have a stomach for occasional blowups. I'd rather Paxton mostly because his health is a question mark every season. Can't promise you he'll be the Bryce of old, but he's better than anyone on your bench and gives you some flexibility with Muncy in terms of position. 

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11 minutes ago, troutmask said:

Berrios>Greinke>Paxton (mostly due to injury concern).

This is how I'd rank them as well.  And I'd move any of them for Harper (and I don't even like Harper that much).

Return the favor?

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Give up Berrios, and then Paxton and Greinke in the order. Greinke is a workhorse and durable compared to Paxton, eventhough Paxton probably is the better pitcher. Looking at your team though, you don’t really need outfielders, but SP although this definitely is a good trade. So you can go ahead with the trade and then flip one of your  other OF for an ace. 

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