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Buxton, Robles, or Conforto?? **WHIR**

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I know Conforto has had injury issues but I think he has the highest ceiling and the most pop. Who else is on your roster? Can you drop someone other than Buxton? But in a vacuum I like Conforto over Buxton.

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48 minutes ago, mocha4313 said:

Conforto easily. Cannot believe people are falling for Buxton again. Robles will have the best career of all 3 but this is redraft so I rate him the worst.


I agree with this for this year, like Robles long term

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Conforto has had some great flashes previous years, which anyone who owned him then knows how great he can be. I feel like owners are always going to roster him chasing one one of those hot streaks or hoping he rounds out into a true stud which some feel he should/could be. I've been a Buxton hater got obvious reason last few year, he sucked pretty hard. He has been pretty darn good this year and is on a lineup on fire. I like his across the board production even if he isn't always as consistent as we'd like. It does feel like he could take a step forward with how well MIN is playing and he could be super valuable if he keeps it going this season. Robles he's promising certainly, just not sure where his floor/ceiling is this first year, he should be darn good for years though. I'd probably still side with Conforto by inches, but at the same time would be tempted to go all in on Buxton this year and hope for the best. Robles is my third choice here but not by much and things can change fast with how up and down players are these days. 

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I'm with Tony, this one is way closer than it appears at first glance.  


I think I might decide between Buxton and Conforto based on how badly I need SB.  Go Conforto if you are covered there and go Buxton if you need a boost.  If I were betting right now I'd have to bet on Robles having the worst ROS.  However, I think Robles does have a nice career and will be worth more in future seasons than this one.  


All of these guys also have their issues...  I wouldn't be horribly shocked to see these three in absolutely any order when ranking them after the season is over...  but I can only go on what I know right now and I'm going:    Buxton >= Conforto > Robles.  And it's close.



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