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Which SPs to Start WHIR


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I'm currently winning HR (6 to 9) K (52 to 44) ERA (3.25 to 5.17) WHIP (1.01 to 1.34) and QS (5 to 4). We're tied in saves.  He has Bieber vs the Yankees and Diaz/Vazquez as his closers.  I have 6 SP scheduled to pitch today.  We can play 6 SP and 2 RP or 5SP/3RP or 4SP/4RP. My closers are Yates Chapman Davis and Leclerc so I would play at least the first 3.  Which of the following SP should I start?  I currently have the first 4 in but I'm debating on taking Montas and Odorizzi out and putting Thor in.  I'm also thinking I should just leave the first two in and take the others plus Leclerc out

Strasburg at SD

Buehler at SF

Odorizzi at DET

Montas at TX

Thor vs COL

S Gray at PHIL

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It's all about risk.  You're obviously aware that the fewer pitchers you start the better your odds might be for ERA/WHIP, but the lower your chances are you retain the lead in QSs.  I agree with you Leclerc goes to the bench. So I'll rank these guys in order of risk:

Stras - Buehler - Odorizzi - Thor - Montas - Sonny. 




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