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Who do I drop for streamers?

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I'm looking to drop one or two guys to stream Sánchez and/or Archer this week (hey, they're not fancy, but they have decent matchups and my pitching staff often relies on volume). Who are my best drops?  I thought about Nelson because of his last start and because he's @HOU on Tuesday but my only concern is that if he has a good start someone else will jump on him on waivers. Renfroe's been hitting bombs lately but he's also been sitting a lot. Gibson is not better than a streamer at this point but he does start against the Royals next week (though I suppose I could drop him and then try to re-add later).  Lynn has been hot lately. Caleb is hurt but coming back soon. Anywho, sigh, who are my best "drop-and-don't-look-back" candidates?


12-team, 10-cat, 5x5, redraft 

C - Realmuto; 1B - Rizzo; 2B - La Stella; 3B - Suarez; SS - Trea; OF - Pence, Avisail, Renfroe; Util - Voit; Bench - Conforto, Yordan A., IL - Springer, Stanton

SP - Caleb, Castillo, Gibson, Heaney, Lynn, Nelson, Quintana

RP - Hicks, Holland, Robles, Vazquez

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I guess I would say Robles or Renfroe if you have to (probably lean Renfroe). Robles is just too volatile of a RP for my taste and Conforto and Yordan are better than Renfroe with his playing time concerns but if you are dead set on a SP then probably Nelson. Though I agree with you that his upside is worth rostering. No issues if you decide to hold though. The choice of streamers is not great.


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I'd drop Robles, just isn't an exciting fantasy option and seems like your most droppable. Not crazy with those stream options either, normally I'd say drop Gibson but that KC start could be nice. Not sure how bad you need to stream one or both of those SPs if it's a points league but definitely tough calls to make. If

I had to pick a second honestly I'd probably just drop Robles. Renfroe has been up, down and streaky but he's also in a vastly improved SD lineup especially with Tatis back. Who knows how much better it gets when Urias gets called back up, they could be a very productive lineup ROS. He should see lots of great pitches to hit and could have his most consistent year to date. In a 12 team league I'm sure you have some meh bats available, but if Renfroe hits 30+ HR's and bats over .250 this year he'll end up having a pretty darn good season. He looks good on your team for the OF depth he provides or being a starter when he gets hot. I'd lean towards keeping him personally and just drop Robles for one stream unless you need the second start if its not points and like a neck to neck head to head matchup. 

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