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I'm in 7th place in 12 team 5x5 (OBP not Avg).  My team is in the signature.  I can deal Mondesi for either...

A. Verlander + Moustakas

B. Verlander + Aroldis Chapman

C. Verlander + Altuve

Do you make the deal if so for which package?  Leave a link WHIR.

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Verlander and Mondesi are roughly equivalent ROS in a vacuum IMO. Depending on how you look in homeruns (Moose), saves(Chapman), and injury optimism (Altuve) makes the decision for you about the second piece. 

Only scenario where I wouldn;t pull the trigger here is if you're somehow struggling in steals, but I imagine with mondesi's first 35% of the season's steals you should be fine

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Thanks for the help with mine


i know C seems like the obvious choice but that all depends on how much faith you have in Altuve. He wasn’t hitting that well before his injury but he did have 9 homers. I’m also not sure how much you can count on him for SBs. He was caught twice in three attempts in 39 games this year before he got hurt. 

Moose has been hitting well this year. 

I am honestly torn between A & C

Probably leaving slightly towards A but it’s very close. 


What does the rest of your team look like? 

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Here is the rest of my team:

C Garver, 1b: Carpenter 2b: Senze, SS: Mondesi, 3b: JoRam, MI: Bogaerts, CO: Suarez, OF: Betts, Rosario, Mazara, Alvarez UT: Riley

P: Hendricks, Lester, Quintana, Stroman, Sh. Greene, Colome, Heaney, W. Smith

BN: , Hiura, Keuchel, Y. Molina, Franmil Reyes

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