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Help on this trade? WHIR 100%

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Give: Grandal, Tatis, Corbin, Edwin Diaz

Get: Contreras, Mondesi, Nola

Redraft points league that rewards walks, punishes strikeouts and devalues steals somewhat (1 SB is worth the same as a walk or single), while somewhat favoring pitching

My add would be a starting pitcher probably. I am trying to trade Diaz for Kimbrel as a part of my strategy to punt saves in a points league, having packaged Yates in a deal for Verlander and dealt Kimbrel for Tatis.

I am currently leaning to taking it since Diaz is expendable and I am fed up of Corbin but I wonder if Tatis and Grandal might be equal to Contreras and Mondesi.

Thoughts? WHIR 100%

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I would hold. It doesn't seem like there is much of a difference between those catchers right now. Mondesi has been great but I would rather have Tatis ROS. Nola is probably a slight upgrade on Corbin but certainly hasn't pitched that way so far. And you're basically giving Diaz up for nothing. I don't think there's enough here to make it worth your while unless you just like shaking things up for the fun of it (plus opening up a roster spot).

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Catchers are close

Nola = Corbin - both are underachieving

Tatis = Mondessi (could be 1 over the other, depending on who you talk to) 

Diaz >>>> than probably a stream option.

If you want to package Corbin & Diaz, then I would target a SP who is performing much better than Nola, & then you still have your stream option. Feel like the original trade you are giving up too much. Thanks for mine!


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