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Looking for 4 Replacement Owners: Realistic 30-Team League w/Deep Minors, Salary Cap

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30-team head-to-head fantasy league whose sabermetric orientation, offseason realism, and incredibly deep minor-league system should appeal to anyone interested in really capturing the flavor of running a MLB club. The league’s statistics are managed through FanTrax and an active message board. The league has so many positive features. Those positives include:


Sabermetrically-Oriented Categories. Hitting = HR, SB, OBP, SLG, RC, Total Bases; Pitching = FIP, WHIP, Quality Starts, SV, HLD, and Strikeouts per Batters Faced.


Salary Caps and Free Agency. Free agency is as realistic as possible, as teams can sign free agents to short- or long-term contracts in an auction-style bidding process. Each team is limited by a hard annual salary cap of $125 million. 


Deep Active Rosters. Teams accumulate stats for 12 hitting positions (starting eight plus CI, MI, OF, UTIL) and 11 pitching positions (5 SP, 6 RP). The waiver wire is thin. With rosters this deep, owners need to develop their minor-league systems and know their stuff.


Deep Minor-League Systems. This league has the deepest minor-league systems you will find out there. Teams have up to 200 prospects each and there are four ways that owners can add prospects through the year:  a six-round prospect free agent draft (starting February 15), four additional prospect adds from each team’s respective MLB club (March), a 10-round amateur draft (starts in late-July) and a full, auction-style bidding process for July 2 international players.


A Committed Nucleus of Owners. We have a committed core group of owners that really know their stuff and get along well. Trading is active. It is a great group to be involved with.


For those who enjoy hunting deep for minor league players, a very active auction will be starting in a couple weeks for the new J2 international prospects with a 10 round draft starting in late-July for the recent June draftees.

if interested email me at gregbracken07@gmail.com

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