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Anthony Davis 2019-2020 Outlook

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Cool so AD will stay in LA for one year to sign with who? the Utah Jazz???

Lakers management:

Anthony Day-to-Dayvis is back

Something was off after that knee problem, for the rest of the game. He was hobbled, and could not explode as he usually does. From that point on, he was basically playing on one leg, passing when he got the ball, not driving, and shooting 3s. He got a block, but just by being tall and in the right place.

I've watched a lot of the Lakers this season, and I know he does this all the time, but usually it's just bumps and bruises. This time, it's legit. Just look at the replay. Did not look good. I'm hoping for the best, but I am concerned.

He should not have continued to play, but basically no one can stop him from doing whatever he wants. 

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He hyperextended his knee a bit, I don't think it's all that serious. He stayed in a game that was almost over, which is a good sign. Lakers are off until Wednesday. They are playing against Clippers, so AD and Lakers will definetely do whatever they can to get him on the floor. 

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That was my mood watching him salvage my week last night.  Thanks AD for that monster line.  Who would have figured when I went all in on the KAT/AD combo in my auction and spent 75% of my money on them that AD would be the iron man and KAT the guy on load management.  Hey, I'll take it.  

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2 minutes ago, bksm said:

Very similar to what happened to John Collins the other day.

Well some people are saying it’s gonna be 3-4 weeks if it’s a contusion... but if it’s like JC it’ll only be a game or two at most.


Looked bad though

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