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Anthony Davis 2019-2020 Outlook

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1 minute ago, WhiskerFrisker said:


His rebounding and field goal percentage are what worries me the most. From the games I've seen, he has been out of position to grab boards but he also doesn't go for it very aggressively. It could be as you said richg24 and he isn't trying to be an ahole to his teammates, but it doesn't seem that way. Hopefully he will improve.

His % are bound to improve.  He’s not going to shoot 40/76 all season.  If he was shooting at his averages he’d score over 26 which is his historical averages.  He’s averaging like 5 stocks per game.  Personally if he can get back to 26/8/3 with 5 stocks on 50/80 I’ll take it even if the boards are below expectations. 

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Cool so AD will stay in LA for one year to sign with who? the Utah Jazz???

Lakers management:

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18 minutes ago, Kriggly said:

It's his second regular season game with a new team.  He'll be fine as long as he stays healthy.  

Thanks for that. I tell myself every time to not be affected by first week games and I let myself down each time 🤦‍♂️

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Eh, the locker room is basically the bench for him. He's had a few bumps early on and his shoulder's probably just sore.

Don't panic.

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