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Zion Williamson 2019-2020 Outlook

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Zion after WEEKS of no practice in New Orleans

Zion every other game:

in a few months you finna look like your avatar

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1 hour ago, RedDogNamedClippers said:

I hope the hype continues. He was drafted round 3 this year, next year someone will draft him round 2. 

lmao not me unless I'm punting FT%. He's gonna be a** in that cat for the majority of his career, and I'm not sold on him as a stocks guy yet

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1 hour ago, pdids911 said:

what you give up


Ibaka and Ingram, also got Fultz in Return. It's a points league though and the points they are making in my specific league were pretty even with a slight favor for him. The Upside is obviously on my side if Zion keeps getting better.

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11 minutes ago, smeeze said:

I for one think it’s nice that you volunteer your precious free time to play fantasy basketball with the mentally challenged

did it before he played his first game when there were fears of old management and minutes restrictions 

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this guy can be become really scary in the years to come.... damn only 19 years old and already such a BEAST.

From a dominance standpoint he is on a good way to get on Shaqs Level in his prime when he continues what he already does...

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20 minutes ago, Fantasyscrub said:

Two category player 😒 thought I won the trade getting him for Harrell and now I’m wishing I had Harrell back.  The points and fg are nice but that’s literally all he does

I wouldn’t say that , even if zion doesn’t get defensive stats , I’d say his floor is on par with Harrell.


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