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Zion Williamson 2019-2020 Outlook

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2 hours ago, Trench Mob said:

After monster game after monster game from a 19 year old, it's still complaining. Smh.

I think it's fair to wonder what's happened to his peripheral stats. The dude averaged a combined 4.6 threes/steals/blocks per game in college and is down to 1.3 as a pro... which is part of the reason he's ranked at 172 in 9 cat. Punt FT% and he still has the value of a Brook Lopez or Marcus Smart. Punt FT% and TOs and that gets you to top 40ish value. 

He'll be a monster next year but right now two-cat players don't do much for me. 

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Anyone waiting on blocks and increased production needs to realize his vertical was 45" at Duke, and post injury, right now he's at 35". There's still 10+ inches of explosiveness to his game. That. Is. Insane. He will be at 30+ a game next year and the stocks will come. Hes avg 26 a game on 60 from the floor in the past month... been playing in the nba a month! Add in the eventual leg strength and weight loss and.. dear God.

The ft% is killer since hes gonna get there a ton, but theres no player in the nba avg more than 26 a game on 59% from the floor, not even the b2b MVP Giannis. That help in fg% with the volume makes him way more valuable than his rankings show given how rare high volume fg% is. You can pair him with giannis and barely even think about fg% the rest of your draft. Could easily be 1st rounder in punt ft% teams next year. 

Expect him to keep getting better throughout playoffs. He's much better in real life than fantasy, unfortunately. 

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3 hours ago, ginocan said:

Kudos. Stepping up outside of the court is a huge deal. 

Slowly making me a fan of his. Hopefully he will continue to have a good head on the shoulders and not turning into Durant.


I agree.  When asked about his play in a game, he always recognizes his teammates.  

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53 minutes ago, granthill338 said:

What round is the earliest you'd draft him in h2h?

I think he’s going as high as 3rd and won’t get past the 4th round probably won’t even make it there. I mean it was a wacky year but during his hot stretch he was mostly points and boards with little else. If you believe he can get steals and blocks you are going to have to target him in the high 3rd round low 2nd round in my opinion. For me personally if he’s there round 4 sure but he won’t be. Of course this can change if he has a great preseason

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1 hour ago, granthill338 said:

What round is the earliest you'd draft him in h2h?

As of right now I have Zion 53. I know with that “low” of a ranking, I probably won’t own him, I might raise him up to 42 overall but even then, someone like “you” will draft him 2nd round so more than likely I won’t be an owner.

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