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Players you gave up on too early

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Trevor Story’s elbow was barking last year. Scared me. I thought Nolan would leave Colorado and sign with the Yankees.


So...I sold Trevor for Goldschmidt in a keep forever dynasty this last off season. I hate myself everyday for it.

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I only have players I should've given up on but didn't.

JRam two years ago, dropped him after his slow start.  Then the breakout happened.  Then drafted him this year 😂

On the other hand, sometimes you get an even better guy when it all evens out by years end.  The year Justin Morneau went bonkers, it was 15/16’ths post ASB. Id had enough, and rage dropped him f

1 hour ago, Fiveohnine said:

Comparing this to the Old Yeller thread, I think we should all consider taking more chances with dropping guys. 



The deeper the league the shorter the wait to drop should be.  Wait too long and there will not be anything to pick up.  Sure there will be goofs.  But most of the time dropping sooner than later is the best strategy.

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Scott Kingery - Picked him up back in 2017 as a minor league stash. Dropped him mid way in 2018 because bench space and he sucked. Picked him up again this year and dropped him when he went on the IL. Wasnt able to pick him back up; someone with a higher waiver grabbed him.


George Springer - Keeper for years. March this year, league mate kept trying to pry Vlad Jr from me; I wouldnt budge. Finally he offered Manny Machado for my Springer and Bo Bichette. Didnt like the trade but accepted for some strange reason I wont ever be able to explain. Actually, I figured Springer at age 29 was going on the decline soon.

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I’m having a bit of a reverse thing going on this year where I don’t give up on players soon enough.  That’s a product of having given up on Soto and bellinger in keeper leagues in previous years though.  

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On 6/19/2019 at 7:19 PM, Denbo32 said:

I'm shocked that no one said chris sale.  I remember the first month of the season he was done.


I dropped polonco 3 times this season and well I really need a SS now....


I doubt Sale ever got dropped, though. And he probably wasn’t traded much because his owners would have recieved pennies on the dollar.

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It will always be Bregman for me.  Horrific start,  i held on for what seemed like forever.  Think he went like 1/49. Dropped him.  Never have seen him again in that league

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Daniel Vogelbach.  I was convinced he was better suited as an NFL guard than a hitter in Major League Baseball.  Big boy can slug.  He definitely showed why you don’t give up on guys so soon.  Sometimes takes reps to figure it all out.  

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